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Steel Pails

Carbon Steel Pails

Steel Pails Steel pails are available open topped, with an optional lug-style lid with a dispensing spout, or as a snap ring style lid. Steel pails are used for some food products, as well as chemicals such as petroleum products.

Poly Pails

Poly Pails

Poly Pails Manufactured from high density polyethylene, they are an inexpensive product, available with many different types of lids ranging from standard tear type lids, to gamma seal air tight lids. Polyethylene pails are used for storage and transport of food and many chemical products.

Carbon & Stainless Steel Drums

Carbon Steel Pails

Carbon/Stainless Steel Drums These drums are constructed completely from rolled carbon or stainless steel. They are available in either open top or closed top styles. Carbon/Stainless steel drums are used for the storing and transport of food grade materials or chemicals, such as petroleum, and in many cases can be reconditioned or recycled after use. … Read moreCarbon & Stainless Steel Drums

Poly Drums

Poly Drums IBC Containers

Poly Drums These drums are blow molded from high density polyethylene. They are available in either open top or closed top styles, and in several colors. Poly drums are cost effective, and are used for storing and transporting food grade materials as well as chemical products. They can often be reconditioned or recycled after use.

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