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Cleaning / Reconditioning / Re-certification

Pacific Container Systems | Power Clean Systems
Power Clean Systems can provide cleaning services for many types of containers such as IBC’s and drums. Certain types of products will not meet our acceptability guidelines. Please contact us for more information.

Pacific Container Systems | Power Clean Systems
Reconditioning / Repair
Power Clean Systems can inspect, recondition, and repair to design specification.
• Composite IBC’s
• Carbon / Stainless Steel IBC’s
• All Polyethylene IBC’s


DOT requires periodic re-certification for containers transporting Hazardous Materials. Employees at Power Clean Systems are trained and equipped to perform pressure and metal thickness testing, as well as structural and internal inspection of Composite, Poly, and Stainless Steel IBC’s to make sure that our customers remain in compliance with these rules.

Pacific Container Systems | Power Clean Systems We provide new and reconditioned bulk transport containers with the highest in quality, service and satisfaction.Click To Enlarge

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